Council Tax change of circumstances form

You can use this form if:

  • someone in your household has died
  • someone in your household has moved and now lives permanently in a Nursing Home
  • someone has come to live with you in your home (including family or friends). This may affect a reduction that you're currently receiving on your Council Tax bill
  • you've recently changed your name and you'd like us to update your account
  • you'd like to request a refund. This is where we’ve issued a bill which shows a credit balance but we’re unable to issue the refund. This is because we don’t have the bank details of the person for whom the refund is due or there's some uncertainty about who we should be issuing the refund to
  • you've an annexe that is attached to your property which was occupied by a relative/family member and has now become unoccupied

Under normal circumstances our standard aim is to respond fully within 10 working days.

Before you start

You'll need your:

  • Council Tax reference number (optional). You can find this on your Council Tax bill. It's 10 characters long and starts with '50'. If you provide this, it enables us to process your change more quickly
  • National Insurance number
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How we use your data

The council primarily use your data for changing your account, this may be shared with other Local Authorities and government departments in accordance with our organisational privacy notice. We never sell your data to third parties or use it to market to you without your consent.