Book a school trip to Stockport museums

You can use the online form to book your school trip to Stockport museums.

Make sure that you've chosen your trip and activities (if required) before you fill in the form. Visit our School trips to our museums pages for more information about trips and activities. Below are the prices for our trips.

Price per pupil

  • Full day: £6.50 plus VAT
  • Half day: £4.75 plus VAT

There is no VAT added for Stockport local authority schools.

Before you start

In this form you'll need to provide:

  • the number of pupils
  • the number of accompanying adults
  • the number of adults who will be providing one-to-one support
  • details of pupils with additional needs (this includes pupils with SEN, food or contact allergies such as lanolin and latex and any physical or medical needs - you don't need to provide personal details)
  • your chosen trip and activities (if required)

Please note: You'll receive confirmation of your booking within 3 working days from the museum you've booked at.

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