Speed cameras in Stockport

Information relating to cameras in Stockport is managed by the Safer Roads Greater Manchester Partnership.

The Partnership's aims and objectives are to support and assist the highway authorities, police and other agencies to reduce road casualties.

The following information is available:

  • the numbers of collisions and casualties at camera locations both before and after cameras were installed
  • the number of speeding prosecutions arising from each camera site
  • information on the number of motorists fined, those that completed a speed awareness course or receive a court summons

The Safer Roads Greater Manchester Partnership hold the information for Stockport Council regarding safety cameras and their locations in Stockport.

Enforcement Cameras (Gatso)

Enforcement Cameras (Gatso) record red light running and speeding and faults. Issues should be reported to the Camera Partnership on 0161 856 3493 or email info@drivesafe.org.uk

Vehicle Activated Mobile Speed Signs

Vehicle Activated Mobile Speed Signs activate if an approaching vehicle is detected to be exceeding a pre-set speed threshold. The speed limit and/or a warning message will illuminate on the sign to remind the driver/rider to slow down.

To report an issue with one of these signs contact the Road Safety Team on 0161 217 6111.