Signature refresh for absent voters 2021

If you vote by post and postal proxy you're known as an absent voter and are required when you first apply to vote by post, to complete an absent voter application form. On the application form you must provide a signature and a date of birth.

During election time, postal ballot papers are sent to all absent voters along with a postal vote statement. You must complete and return the postal vote statement and provide your signature, date of birth and completed ballot paper. Your signature and date of birth are then checked alongside the original application form to make sure that they match. This prevents the possibility of any electoral fraud.

In January 2021, if your signature is over 5 years old, you'll receive a letter to refresh your signature. If you have been granted a waiver, you'll not be affected by the refresh. Not everyone in your household will be included in this year's personal identifiers refresh.

Please make sure that you complete and return the form as soon as possible, as we're legally required to send you a reminder, and this costs more money.

If we do not receive your completed new absent voter application form, your absent voting arrangements will be cancelled and you'll have to vote in person at your polling station for future elections.

If you have any queries you can email or call us on 0161 217 6026.