Sharing Stockport Voices

Sharing Stockport Voices gives you the chance to share your written work. We collect submissions around different themes throughout the year. Based on the theme, you can submit:

  • short stories
  • poems
  • essays
  • fiction

We then publish your work as an anthology book in our digital lending library on the BorrowBox App.

Submissions can be as long or as short as you want. Copyright remains with the author, if the work is already published elsewhere, then we will need permission to add it to the collection.


Stockport love stories

Rose are red, violets are blue, Stockport loves stories and we love your stories too.

Whether it's a story of your love that's stood the test of time, some practical tips for our young Stopfordian couples or a messy night in the pub turning into something more. Have a go at writing a short romance story for our collection, making it uniquely Stockport.

The submission deadline is 5 February.

Coronation: Then and now

Share your short stories, poems and essays about this special moment in history. Share memories from Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III Coronations. Please state whether your stories are fiction or non-fiction.

The submission deadline is 21 May.


Submit your work by email to

Published books

Women In Sport

In Celebration of the Women’s Euros 2022, this edition of Sharing Stockport Voices focuses on women in sport, looking at some of the highs and lows of women in the Stockport area. Read Sharing Stockport Voices! Women In Sport on Borrowbox.


Laugh, cry and find some festive cheer in this collection of short stories and poems by Stockport residents. Read Sharing Stockport Voices! Christmas on Borrowbox.

Formation: A poetry collection for embarking on young adult life

This special edition of Sharing Stockport Voices was produced by SPARC4 young adults, working with Poet in residence Ella Otomewo as part of the Manchester Festival of Libraries 2022. This collection is on display at Stockport Central Library throughout February 2023.