Second Adult Rebate

1. What is Second Adult Rebate

People of pension-age can apply for Second Adult Rebate if the second adult at home is on a low income.

Second Adult Rebate is another way to help you pay less Council Tax. It is not based on the money you have, but on the money other people who live with you have. You may be able to get it if there are other people living in your home on a low income.

You may get Second Adult Rebate if:

  • You are pension age and;
  • Other adults on a low income live with you and they don't pay the Council Tax bill. They can't be:
    • Your partner; or
    • A joint-tenant or joint-owner; or
    • Someone who pays you rent or for board and lodgings.

We call these people 'second adults'. You may qualify for Second Adult Rebate to help with your Council Tax based on their income.

How much second adult rebate you can receive

The maximum amount that can be awarded is 25% of your Council Tax bill. If you have more than one second adult then we will use their combined gross income in the calculation.