School visits to the Hat Works

Hat Works - Access by stairs only.

Due to essential maintenance work the lift at Hat Works will not be operational between Thursday 8th June and Tuesday 18th July 2017. Our Gallery of Hats on Level 2 will not be accessible to visitors reliant on the use of a lift. This will not affect anyone attending a millinery course, baby session or Project.INC on Level 2 of the museum. Visitors wishing to experience our machinery floor and guided tour can gain access through our Daw Bank entrance by ringing 0161 474 2399 on arrival.

1. Overview

Leisure - Hoods at the hat works

We aim to provide a unique opportunity for school pupils to access and be inspired by the history in our museums.

We offer:

  • interactive, ‘hands on’ full or half day sessions which directly reflect the National Curriculum and its changes
  • unique sites which explore real and replica artefacts
  • creative ways to consider and understand the past
  • free preliminary visit to teachers and bespoke sessions

Hat Works offer an exciting interactive learning environment that is complemented by our extensive handling collection and resources.