Offer day

Parent Portal unavailable

Please be aware that due to a technical difficulty, parents are unable to accept their school places via the Parent Portal. Please email to accept your school place.

4. If you don't receive your first choice

If you haven't been offered your first choice, we'll post a letter for your attention. It will contain details of the offer made to your child.

Attached to this letter are the following:

  • Acceptance slip for the school you have been offered.
  • Information about how places were allocated, this should also help you understand why you were not allocated a place at your preferred school.
  • A letter from the Independent Appeals Service explaining how you can appeal the decision to refuse your child a place at your preferred school.
  • If you have not been offered a place at a preferred school, your child’s name will have been placed on the relevant school’s waiting list (not available before the 15 March 2018)

In cases where we're unable to offer your child any of their preferred schools, we have to offer a school place at the nearest school which has places available.

Waiting lists

Children who haven't been allocated their preferred school within Stockport will have their names automatically placed on a waiting list.

Waiting lists are ordered by the same oversubscription criteria used to determine how places are offered.

Waiting list positions are available on or after the following dates:

  • Secondary schools - 15 March 2018
  • Primary schools - 1 May 2018

You can get in touch to find out your child's place on the waiting list on or after the above dates by emailing

If at any time a place becomes available at a school, the child first on the waiting list at that time will be offered a place.

Waiting list positions are subject to movement up and down:

Upwards – if a child ranking higher on the waiting list is offered a place or relinquishes their place on the waiting list.

Downwards – If a child is placed on the waiting list and fulfils more of the school’s oversubscription criteria than your child.

If you have applied for a school outside of Stockport you will have to contact the Local Authority for that school to check how they operate their waiting lists. This may mean you have to apply to them for your child’s name to be added to the waiting list for your preferred school.

If your child’s name remains on the waiting list or you intend to appeal, the acceptance of a school place at another school does not prejudice either of these two processes. It's our advice that you accept the school place given rather than refuse it in haste. It may further disadvantage your child if you're unable to secure a place through the waiting list or appeal process.

If you have made alternative arrangements for your child such as an independent fee paying school or home education then you may decline the offer of a school place. However, you must specify what your arrangements are on the acceptance form.