Offer day

Parent Portal unavailable

Please be aware that due to a technical difficulty, parents are unable to accept their school places via the Parent Portal. Please email to accept your school place.

2. Finding out your offer

The Secondary School Parents Information Sheet (PDF 235.37Kb) details how the allocation of places was done.

The Primary School Parents Information Sheet 2018 (PDF 307.52Kb) details how the allocation of places was done.

There are three different ways to find out about your child's offer.


On your child’s offer day you can access this information directly using the Schools Admissions Online system. The offer will be displayed on the home page.

Log in to School Admissions Online


On offer days, emails will be sent out to all applicants informing them of the outcome. Due to the large number of applicants, emails cannot be sent out all at once and are instead sent out in batches.

If you have not received an email on offer day your email provider may have blocked it or it could have been moved into your junk folder.


On offer day, a letter will be sent out by 2nd class post containing details about the applicants offer.