Roadworks, closures and diversions

3. Market Place and Underbanks

We're creating a new scheme in the Market Place and Underbanks to further limit access to vehicles in the area. This is to enhance safety and provide an improved environment for those walking, cycling and wanting to spend more time there.

We've considered the responses to our consultation in autumn 2021 and are taking action to create improvements.

Road closures

Churchgate and Millgate
Permanent closure to through traffic from 7 June 2022, creating a traffic free link between St Mary’s Church and the Market Place.

You can view an alternative route on our map.

St Petersgate
Closed to through traffic at the bridge over Little Underbank, with a through route for pedestrians and cyclists maintained.

Bridge Street, Great Underbank and part of Little Underbank
Closed from 10:30am to midnight Monday to Sunday. A section of Little Underbank would become two way for vehicles between 4pm and midnight.

Mealhouse Brow, St Petersgate Bridge and Vernon Street
Closed to through traffic at all times. Cycle and pedestrian access will be maintained on each of these routes.

Other improvements

Market Place
New automatic rise and fall bollards limiting access to the Market Place area between 10:30am and midnight Monday to Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, the restrictions begin at 7am.

The full time closure of the Market Place in front of the Produce Hall would remain in place.

St Petersgate
The creation of a cycle lane on St Petersgate to allow cyclists to travel in the opposite direction to general traffic, making it two way for cycling. St Petersgate to remain one way for vehicles. Changes are also being made to parking, taxi and loading bays.

Scheme drawing

Stockport Market Place alterations

You can read our news article for more information about the scheme.

There is more information about the Market Place and Underbanks in the Town Centre Access Plan.