Roadworks, closures and diversions

4. Cheadle and Cheadle Heath

We're carrying out highway works in Cheadle and Cheadle Heath to:

  • relieve congestion
  • improve road safety
  • enhance access to employment
  • improve bus reliability
  • facilitate active travel

We're committed to minimising the impact of the construction work on local residents, businesses, visitors and through users around the Cheadle area.

All works are being phased and co-ordinated to minimise disruption as much as possible, specifically keeping key routes open to traffic. Traffic management is required to ensure the safety of site workers and road users, but will be kept to a minimum.

Information about the works taking place is provided below. If you've any questions about the works you can contact the project team. Email or call 0161 474 2299.

Roscoe's Roundabout

Work began on 10 June 2019 at Roscoe's Roundabout to:

  • provide traffic signals on the slip road from the M60 and the A560 Stockport Road arms to improve road safety, control traffic flow and provide pedestrian and cyclist push button controlled crossings
  • widen the road on the Stockport Road westbound approach and on the roundabout past Carrs Road to provide three lanes rather than two
  • improve the pedestrian islands on Stockport Road
  • provide a shared use pedestrian and cycle route from Carrs Road via a Toucan crossing to Abney Hall Park
  • construct a segregated path on the roundabout island to provide a link for pedestrians and cyclists from Cheadle Heath to Abney Hall Park
  • alter the Heathside Park Road junction to improve the pedestrian crossing

Traffic management - including lane closures and prohibited pedestrian and car movements - is required to enable the work to be carried out safely and efficiently. Access to premises served by the roundabout will be maintained at all times.

The scheme is being constructed in 5 phases:

  1. kerb alterations and construction of the segregated route on the roundabout island
  2. kerb alterations on the splitter islands on Stockport Road
  3. shared footways along the Carrs Road and Cheadle Point junctions
  4. alterations around the Heathside Park Road junction
  5. alterations around the Abney Hall Park and motorway slip roads

The scheme is expected to be completed in March 2020.

Carrs Road closure/one-way access

We'll be carrying out works at the junction with Carrs Road to:

  • re-construct the pedestrian island
  • re-surface the road and pavement
  • improve drainage

To construct the new pedestrian island, at the junction of the roundabout safely, we'll need to close the entrance at Carrs Road.

There'll be signs in place, including a signed diversion. The diversion route will be via Stockport Road, Councillor Lane, Palmer Avenue and St. David’s Road.

The works will take place from Saturday 1 February 2020 for 1 week.

Stockport Road and Manchester Road

Works are ongoing at the Stockport Road / Manchester Road junction to introduce push button ‘green man’ controlled pedestrian crossings over Manchester Road without increasing congestion to motor vehicles. Footpaths are also being re-paved with improved materials.

Manchester Road has now re-opened in both directions following a one-way closure to enable pedestrian island and utility diversion works at the junction.

The works are almost complete and the new signals are expected to be put in place in early August.

Cheadle Sixth Form

Planning consent DC066326 was granted in October 2017 for the construction of a new high school, primary school and nursery to the back of the existing sixth form college.

As part of the planning conditions, highway works are to be implemented to help overcome the impact of the additional traffic generated by the development and to ensure a safe means of access. This includes:

  • widening the main vehicular access to the College from Cheadle Road
  • widening Cheadle Road to enable a right-turn lane into the site
  • installation of a pedestrian refuge island on Cheadle Road
  • widening Orrishmere Road at its junction with Cheadle Road
  • widening Cheadle Road to enable a right-turn lane into Orrishmere Road
  • pedestrian and cycle enhancements across the college frontage to Cheadle Road
  • enhanced pedestrian walkway to the schools, alongside the main college access

You can view the scheme drawings (PDF 486Kb) for more information.

The highway works started on Monday 1 July 2019.

Several traffic management arrangements will be in place during the construction period to allow the works to be carried out safely and efficiently. This will include two-way traffic signals and at times re-routing of some pedestrian movements. Access to premises served by Cheadle Road will be maintained at all times.

The scheme is to be constructed in 6 phases:

  • phase 1 – works to the main college/school entrance and utilities diversion works on Cheadle Road

Then kerbline alterations/landscape/utilities diversion works on Cheadle Road:

  • phase 2 – between the college/school entrance and the Spinney
  • phase 3 – between the college/school entrance and Orrishmere Road
  • phase 4 – south west of Orrishmere Road
  • phase 5 – adjacent the existing bus stop
  • phase 6 – kerbline alterations/utilities diversion works on Orrishmere Road at its junction with Cheadle Road

As of 6 December 2019 the majority of the works are now complete.

Work that's still outstanding:

  • tree pits to be constructed between 6 December 2019 and 20 December 2019
  • pavement surfacing works to be completed by 20 December 2019
  • carriageway resurfacing works have been programmed to start on the 7 January 2020. These works will take place overnight between 8pm and 5am and will take 3 nights to complete. Traffic management arrangements will be put in place which will include 3 way temporary traffic signals. The contractors site team will try to maintain access to driveways at all times.