Road safety education and training in Stockport

Our road safety team offers a number of initiatives:

  • Step Outside
  • Headsmart
  • Crashed vehicle project
  • Child speedwatch
  • Bikeability
  • Collision scene investigation
  • Young driver’s presentation

All the initiatives are designed to raise pupils road safety awareness through practical activities. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss issues associated with each one.

For more information on any of the following initiatives email

Step Outside

The Step Outside booklet (PDF 2.77Mb) is filled with activities and advice to help you and your children stay safe when out walking near to and across a road.

Pedestrian training for pupils in Year 2.

Groups of pupils are taken on a supervised walk near to school. Pupils cross roads in different situations including where visibility is good, next to or between parked vehicles and at junctions. If practical a pedestrian crossing may also be used.

The following film clip provides information about Step Outside.


A Year 4 activity looking at the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet.

Pupils look at why helmets should be worn when riding a bike. The lesson involves practical demonstrations of helmet protection.

Crashed vehicle project

A Year 5 activity in which pupils explore why vehicles are involved in collisions and what design features vehicles have to help reduce the impact of a collision for occupants.

Pupils build a cardboard car which is then crash tested.

Pupils discuss why all road users, including passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, need to take care on our roads.

Child Speedwatch

Year 6 pupils record traffic speeds on a local road using speed guns.


  • look at what factors affect vehicle stopping distances
  • calculate average speeds from their work with the speed guns
  • consider what may cause road collisions


Bikeability is a national standard cycle training scheme offered by the council to all primary schools in Stockport.

Bikeability is a course for children who can already ride a bike. Pupils in years 5 and 6 can develop their cycling skills and knowledge. This is for them to gain experience of road riding and learn the rules of the road.

The course has 2 levels. Level 1 is off-road. Pupils will learn basic skills like signalling, using gears and bike control.

Level 2 training is on-road and involves students learning how to:

  • stop and start
  • overtake parked vehicles
  • pass side roads
  • turn in and out of junctions

Pupils need to successfully complete Level 1 before taking part in Level 2.

In order to participate pupils need to have a roadworthy bike and are required to wear a helmet. All courses are led by fully qualified cycle instructors. If you want your child to receive Bikeability training contact their school to find out when the next course is.

For more information, visit the Bikeability website. For information on adult cycle training, visit our cycling pages.

Collision scene investigation

Year 7 pupils investigate a scenario in which a young teenager has been knocked down by a car.

Working as investigators, the pupils look for clues as to why the collision occurred and determine its cause.

Pupils discuss all possible causes before the details of the collision are revealed.

Young driver’s presentation

Aimed at 6th form and college students, this is a talk accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation focusing on driving and young people.

Students are encouraged to consider and discuss the issues and challenges they may face as drivers and what they can do to make driving a positive and responsible experience.