Review of polling districts and polling places 2022

Notice of review of polling districts and polling places

Following the latest ward boundary review published in April 2022 by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE), new ward boundaries have been drawn up for Stockport.

You can use this map to compare the new ward boundaries with the previous wards and the Parliamentary constituency boundaries in Stockport:

On Thursday 17 November 2022 at the meeting of the Full Council, members of the Council voted to determine the polling districts and polling places for future elections in Stockport. The new polling districts and polling places reflect the ward boundaries designated by the Local Government Boundary Commission and approved by Parliament in the Stockport (Electoral Changes) Order 2022. The new polling districts will be reflected in the Register of Electors 2022 to 2023, published on the 1 December 2022.

Elections of all councillors for each ward of the borough of Stockport are to be held simultaneously on Thursday 4 May 2023.

You can find the report detailing the new polling arrangements on the Council Democracy webpage (PDF 344Kb)

The boundary review may mean that the ward you vote in has changed. It also means that your polling station may change, so you may be voting in a different place in the 2023 local elections.

  • a polling district is an administrative area within a ward that helps the council to run elections
  • a polling place is where you go to vote in a local or general election and a polling station is the room you vote in


Two public consultations were held as part of this review. A consultation on initial proposals was held from 7 July to 18 August 2022. Following this consultation all submissions and representations were considered and the proposals were revised. A public consultation on these revised proposals commenced on 25 August and closed on 7 October 2022. All comments were taken into account and the final proposals were considered at the full meeting of the Council on 17 November 2022.