Requesting footage

1. CCTV footage

There are strict guidelines on the production and release of recorded material from the Control Centre.

For images that are recorded onto videotape, there's a complete audit trail. It starts from the moment the tape was introduced to the system, to the moment the tape is removed for evidence or destroyed.

Requesting CCTV footage

Requests from individuals regarding CCTV footage will not be accepted. We can only accept requests from Greater Manchester Police or an insurance company to view CCTV footage.

Individuals should contact Greater Manchester Police or their insurance company in the first instance.

Please be aware that footage is held for 31 days from the time of the incident/recording. You should submit your request within 26 days of the incident/recording to allow enough time for the request to be received and processed before the footage is deleted.

Due to the time and resources needed to view and extract information related to CCTV requests, speculative requests for footage will not be processed.

Greater Manchester Police and insurance companies should request CCTV footage using the form below:

CCTV data request form

PDF, 225 KB

This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.