Register to vote

4. Members of the Armed Forces

If you're a member of the Armed Forces, or the husband, wife or civil partner of someone in the Armed Forces, you can register to vote either as a Service Voter or as an ordinary voter.

You may choose to register as a service voter if you’re based overseas or expecting to be based abroad in the next year. This means that you will be registered at a fixed UK address even if you move around. You can register as a service voter online.

Register as a Service Voter

If you are in the UK on Election Day, you can vote at a polling station. If you’re overseas you can still vote using the following options:

  • You can apply to vote by post - although you need to be aware that ballot papers are only sent out seven to ten days before the election. So you need to consider whether you will have time to receive and return your ballot papers in time.
  • You can apply to vote by proxy - where someone votes on your behalf.