Register for Council Tax

If you are not currently liable for Council Tax in Stockport, you can use the following form to register for Council Tax.

You can use this Council Tax registration form if you're:

  • moving or have moved into the Stockport area
  • a Stockport resident currently not liable for Council Tax. For example, if you're:
    • living with your parents and moving into your own property
    • a landlord or letting agent buying or renovating a new property to let out to tenants in the future

Once you've registered for Council Tax, we'll send you your bill.

We'll automatically send your details to Council Tax and Electoral Registration, and you can choose which other services you'd like to notify.

Register for Council Tax

If you're moving to another property in Stockport

If you’re moving from one Stockport property to another, you’ll need to complete the change of address form instead.