Rediscovering the Underbanks

3. Project updates

May 2019

We're pleased to announce - following a successful Stage 2 application in September 2018 to draw down funding for ‘Rediscovering the Underbanks’ Townscape Heritage - that we've been given formal permission to start the project from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. This will mean that over the next 5 years we can offer grants to targeted businesses and property owners to restore and refurbish historic buildings, and transform the Underbanks to its former glory. A key part of the work will be improving the public realm by strengthening foundations reinstating new and re-used stone setts, flags and lighting.

A dedicated website for the project will be launched shortly. This will:

  • keep you informed of events and new developments
  • encourage visits to the area
  • provide guidance on funding

We'll be working with Stockport Heritage Trust, community organisations, schools and colleges to deliver an exciting programme of events over the next 5 years.

underbank two pictures
Little Underbank now and in 1908