Public weighbridge operator's licence

To operate public weighing equipment you must hold a certificate from the Chief Trading Standards Officer.

Applicants will be tested by a Trading Standards officer to show that they can:

  • operate the weighbridge satisfactorily
  • complete any weighbridge tickets and documentation satisfactorily
  • understand basic terms associated with operating a weighbridge
  • understand their duties as a weighbridge operator
  • understand potential frauds which a weighbridge operator may unknowingly assist
  • understand how the accuracy of the weighbridge may be affected
  • perform simple arithmetic

Before applying for a test, please make sure you have received sufficient training in the operation of the equipment.

The scope of an operator's certificate is limited to the type of weighbridge you will be expected to use. Should the weighbridge be replaced, a new certificate will be required.

For further information contact the Commercial Standards team on 0161 474 4195 or email