Protect your home - Insurance

Having a suitable insurance policy for your property is extremely important. Otherwise you risk potential financial loss as you'll have to pay for any repairs and replacements for damaged goods yourself.

Insurance policies provide reassurance that if anything happens to your property or the contents within in, the costs of work or replacement items are covered.

Homeowners’ insurance is made up of two types of protection - buildings and contents. These types of insurance are offered separately but often insurers can offer discounts for joint cover.

Insurance companies are aware that not everyone can afford a large amount of protection. Different levels of cover are available on the market for you to purchase depending on your needs.

This will help provide you with reassurance in the event that something unexpected happens. Policies are renewed on an basis determined by your insurer but normally it is annually.

If you have a mortgage on your property, your mortgage company may insist that you purchase buildings insurance. This will be in order to protect their interest in your home.

Visit the Greater Manchester Be Prepared website for further guidance on keeping your house or business prepared and protected.