Vax Volunteers

Our vaccination heroes

Across Stockport, people have been volunteering their time to ensure that the remarkable mass vaccination programme can run smoothly.

The COVID-19 vaccination programme has moved at remarkable pace, thanks in no small part to the efforts of volunteers. People across Stockport have been giving their time to ensure that vaccination sites run smoothly.

Donna Littlewood has been volunteering at the Hazel Grove vaccination site for some time.

Lady with winter hat on

Vax Volunteers

I was quickly matched up to help out at the local COVID-19 vaccination centre.

“During the pandemic I have found myself with plenty of spare time, but not a lot of options on how to fill it. So I was keen to get involved with some volunteering to put this time to good use, but also to break up the days! I was quickly matched up to help out at the local COVID-19 vaccination centre.

After a quick briefing I was given a high-vis jacket and set to work in the car park; helping people find available spaces, directing them to the entrance for the centre and generally trying to keep the traffic moving safely around the area, as well as providing a bit of entertainment with my dancing to keep warm - which one lady likened to a bad rendition of Riverdance!

Despite the cold, the time passes really quickly, with our site vaccinating over 2300 a day. Being involved with the vaccination programme is an absolute pleasure. People often stop post-vaccination to thank us and comment on how well organised the operation is. The surgery staff have also been very welcoming and make me feel very much part of their team. It feels great to be a small part of it!”

If you would like to volunteer your time at a vaccination centre in Stockport, register your interest online or call 0161 074 0753 for more details.