Stockport Growing in Partnership

Green-fingered volunteers working to make Stockport a more beautiful place.

Stockport Growing in Partnership is a social gardening scheme based at Woodbank Park, Offerton, where volunteers work to assist in the greening of the borough. The scheme started in partnership with the police, Stockport Council and the probation and youth offending services, to encourage life skills and social contact through gardening.

Path running through woodland

Stockport Growing in Partnership

Volunteers work to assist in the greening of the borough.

The Partnership also help out with training courses and advice for other friends of groups, such as helping Gatley carers group grow wild flowers, and setting up a Roman-inspired garden at Mellor history site.

The project is open to any adult and is fully disability compliant. The group have regular weekly meetings as well as adhoc groups of up to 12 attending training events every month. They also have 10 probation clients in attendance every week.

To volunteer your time visit the Stockport Greenspace for more information.