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Statement from the Leader of Stockport Council

Councillor Elise Wilson

It was a welcome return for our hospitality industry at the weekend and it’s good to see people out and about again and supporting local businesses at this difficult time. We could also all finally get a haircut – excellent news!

I would like to give a big thank you to all our hard - working business owners who ensured their premises are as safe as they can be and were ready to welcome back customers. I know a lot of work and preparation has gone into this and the effort shown has been truly admirable. These businesses are operating under a completely new set of circumstances and under stringent guidelines, the way people have adapted and shown innovation is really impressive.

On the whole, customers behaved responsibly and abided by the social distancing measures and were respectful of a new way of operating. It’s a small price to pay to ensure we keep ourselves and others safe and well and minimise the spread of the virus. So while life isn’t back to normal by any means, it’s good that these businesses have finally been allowed to open. Please keep showing your support - this will give a real boost to the local economy as well as our much valued business owners.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, please stay safe and continue to be vigilant.