Les and Debbie’s story

Changing careers to become foster carers

Les and Debbie both left their jobs to become full-time foster carers. Although giving up 2 salaries was daunting, they believe it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.

Les and Debbie - foster carers

Though we were worried about giving up both of our steady incomes, for us fostering has worked amazingly. It’s brought us closer together and also enabled us to help out more with our own grandchildren. It’s lovely spending time together and doing things as a ‘family group’ with the children in our care.

Is fostering affordable?

Affordability is a concern for many people who want to foster, especially during the cost of living crisis. The good news is that there’s plenty of financial support for foster carers. Les explains, “The allowance is per child and it’s generous with extra on top for holidays, Christmas and each child’s birthday.”

You can train to become a foster carer whilst still in another job. Debbie says, “The training and ongoing support from the Stockport Council team is excellent.” She notes that there’s always someone available to talk to if they need advice.

Debbie doesn’t see full-time fostering as a job, describing it as “more a lifestyle.” She explains, “Our lives are so much happier now, we work as a team and knowing we are helping children [in Stockport] is incredibly rewarding.”

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