Gill Owen

Digital Champion

Gill taught IT before retiring and decided to use her teaching skills as a Digital Champion. As well as teaching, Gill had also volunteered at Citizens Advice before. After attending a course run by Starting Point, Gill started helping at two classes a week until the COVID-19 pandemic meant that classes could not happen as normal.

Gill and the rest of the volunteers kept in touch with everyone through the phone to check on them, helping with shopping and making sure they’re up to date on the latest COVID-19 regulations.

Gill Owen

I’ve always liked helping people and I’ve always had quite an analytical mind. That’s the sort of thing I like doing because I like solving problems.

“Although I had my teaching degree, it was also good to refresh my knowledge of the different ways that people learn.”

Starting Point have started face to face classes again and Gill is looking forward to helping people in person again.

“I hope that one of the things we might do when we get back to face to face is to keep one Zoom session a week going and give help to get onto it in the face to face classes.”

“The world has gone more and more online, and particularly because of COVID, we’ve all been doing more online. I would say to older people that there is something for everybody. It’s also really useful to be able to search online for things you might want to buy, even if you don’t actually buy anything online or do banking online.”