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Work experience

Charlotte found work experience with Stockport Council in an area she loved. This led to her gaining experience and qualifications by carrying out an apprenticeship.

“My first contact with Stockport Council was through Aquinas College, where I was studying for my A levels. My form tutor made me aware of this opportunity and as I was interested in sport. I thought this experience could give me ideas for what I would like to do in the future.

I have always enjoyed sport whether taking part, coaching, or encouraging people to participate. So when work experience came up in the Schools Sport Partnership Services, this combined all of my interests. This experience gave me an insight into everyday working life.

I found the work experience a great help. It gave me motivation and inspiration to achieve my ambitions, which were always sport related. Following this work experience, I applied for an apprenticeship at Stockport Council and I haven't looked back. I now work for Stockport Schools Sport Partnership.

Since working with my current team I have grown in confidence. Also, the experience and training that I have gained is inconceivable.

My role is in sports development and I have worked with all different types of schools in the Stockport area. These have included primary, secondary and special schools. I have learnt that each school is different and that events need to be tailored to the schools and children they're for.

I have also found that events don’t always run smoothly, therefore I have to be quick thinking and flexible. I am gaining experiences whilst studying for a NVQ level 4 in Business. This also means that I have learnt to manage my time well.” – Charlotte