Preventative commissioning

2. Advocacy casework service

An advocate is someone who supports an individual to voice their opinions or puts forward a case on someone else’s behalf, such as making a complaint or to access health and care services. An advocate can help to communicate needs, wishes and opinions if there is no-one else to help you.

From April 2015, anyone needing the support of an advocate will now be assisted by Stockport Advocacy when:

  • they want to make a complaint about the NHS.
  • they need to stay in hospital due to being placed on a Section under the Mental Health Act (1983)
  • they’re being assessed for support from adult social care and have no appropriate (unpaid) person in their life and they cannot understand, retain, consider, and communicate their needs, wishes and opinions

For more information please visit the Stockport Advocacy Website or call 0161 480 8979.