Wellbeing and prevention services

We commission 5 wellbeing and prevention services to provide specific support to help residents to be as independent and well as possible.

Adults with autism who do not meet the eligibility criteria for adult social care may be able to use these services if they need support to live independently at home.

Advocacy Casework Service

An advocate is someone who can support you to:

  • voice your needs, wishes and opinions
  • put forward a case on your behalf. For example; make a complaint
  • access health and care services if you have no-one else to help you

We'll help you if you need the support of an advocate when:

  • you want to make a complaint about the NHS
  • you need to stay in hospital due to a Section under the Mental Health Act
  • you need help with the adult social care assessment process and have nobody appropriate to support you

Visit the Stockport Advocacy website or call 0161 480 8979 for more information.

The Prevention Alliance (TPA)

We provide early support for anyone who is vulnerable due to their health, wellbeing or situation. Our aim is to prevent things from getting worse and to help you work towards independence, whatever that may look like for you.

We offer help and support to:

  • carers
  • people with disabilities or mental health issues
  • adults with housing or lifestyle issues
  • adults with autism
  • older people

We can help with:

  • your physical, financial and mental wellbeing
  • connection to your community
  • housing situation

Visit The Prevention Alliance website or call 0161 474 1042 for more information.

Wellbeing and independence at home

We focus on support in and around the home. We'll help you to continue living in your own home independently and safely.

We provide short-term support or help organise longer-term arrangements for:

  • shopping
  • maintaining and cleaning your home
  • gardening
  • home safety checks
  • help with improving fuel efficiency and the warmth of your house
  • aids and adaptations to make your home safer and easier to live in

We're run by Age UK and Stockport Homes.

Call 0161 480 1211 or 07584 394842 if out of hours, for more information.

Independent living in the the community

We'll help you become more socially active and involved in your community if you find it difficult to get involved because of:

  • physical or emotional ill-health
  • physical or sensory disability
  • caring responsibilities

You'll use your own life skills and experience to help others.

We're run by Pure Innovations, Disability Stockport and Signpost for Carers. Call 0161 474 5946 for more information.

Community transport service

We provide journeys for adults who are not able to use public transport.

Visit our community transport scheme pages for more information.