How to engage communities to reduce the risk of radicalisation

Whether you're a librarian, a housing officer or a parking attendant, any local authority employee has a statutory duty under the Counter Terrorism and Extremism Act 2015 to safeguard against terrorism and radicalisation.

Read more about local authority employees' statutory duties towards Prevent on GOV.UK.

Community engagement resources

NSPCC resources

Find best practice guides on recognising, responding to and preventing radicalisation and extremism in this resource collection on the NSPCC website.

Act Early campaign resources

Under the Act Early campaign, the police have developed toolkits to help professionals engage and support people and communities at risk of radicalisation. These include:

Resources for engaging young people

The Educate Against Hate website contains resources aimed at engaging young people to counter radicalisation.

Other useful tools

Other useful anti-radicalisation tools from the government include: