Validation checklists

These checklists are provided to help you identify whether you’ve got all the information required for your proposal.

They also help to reduce delay in determining the outcome of a planning application.

Main validation checklist

The latest version of the validation checklist and explanatory notes have been adopted on 19 June 2024 following a 6 week public consultation.

The Validation Checklist details the information we require to register, validate, assess and determine planning applications submitted from 19 June 2024. The amount of information we require varies depending on the type, scale and location of proposed development, as well as any site specific constraints.

The local requirements in the checklist aim to provide clarity and ensure consistency for applicants. We cannot validate and process planning applications unless all appropriate information has been provided.

The Government has provided guidance on validation checklists. It details the national information requirements that became mandatory and applied to all planning applications from 8 April 2008.