Pre-application advice and guidance

1. Overview

Consultation information for developers and businesses

The draft Open Space Provision and Commuted Payments: Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is currently out for consultation until 28 June 2019.

Please note: it's expected that a report will be put before Cabinet for approval on 23 July. If it's approved, the SPD will be adopted afterwards. Once it's been adopted, the 'Recreational Open Space Provision and Commuted Payments' Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG), July 2006 will be revoked and the new SPD will be applied. Subject to adoption, all Planning applications submitted on or after 1 June 2019 will be determined in line with the 'Open Space Provision and Commuted Payments' SPD, 2019.

Apply for pre-application advice to check if you're likely to get planning permission before you submit your application. We provide advice to:

  • developers
  • businesses
  • householders

Advice you'll receive

We'll write to you with our advice and guidance and we'll arrange a one-to-one meeting with you if it's required. The guidance we provide may include:

  • what you'll need to submit a planning application
  • whether your proposal complies with planning policy
  • if there are any constraints on the development
  • if there are any financial contributions or planning obligations

If your case officer thinks that you need a meeting, it will be held at one of our offices in Stockport.

How long it will take

We'll let you know that we've received your pre-application advice request within 5 working days.

We'll write to you within 42 days after receiving a valid pre-application request or within 10 working days after a meeting.

Make the most of your application

To make sure that you get the best advice, all enquiries must be made on the relevant application form together with supporting information. The service we offer may increase the likelihood of gaining planning permission, however if you choose not to take on board the advice we provide, your subsequent planning application may be refused without further negotiation.