Potholes, damaged roads and pavements

We're responsible for all adopted roads within the borough.

We look at every defect that's reported to us and prioritise repairs based on a risk assessment. We prioritise repairs on major roads and link roads as they impact the most people.

Shopping centres, main roads, link roads and pavements along these routes will be repaired within 28 days.

Residential roads and adjoining pavements will be repaired within 56 days.

How we decide when a defect needs repairing

There are guidelines that determine when a defect needs repairing. This includes the depth and severity of the defect.

You should only report a defect if the depth or sharp edge is bigger than:

  • 25mm on a pavement
  • 40mm on a road

If the defect does not fit within our guidelines then we may not repair it, however we'll monitor it through our routine inspections.

Routine inspections

We routinely inspect all adopted roads and pavements across the borough.

Our inspections identify all defects that may cause danger or disruption to the public.

Inspections take place at various stages of the year:

  • shopping centres, main roads and pavements along these routes – 12 times a year
  • link roads and adjoining pavements – 4 times a year
  • residential roads and adjoining pavements – once a year

Report a pothole or damaged road or pavement