Potholes, damage and hazards

1. Repairs

Stockport Council has a limited amount of money to spend on road and footpath maintenance. This means that we have to give priority to the more serious problems in the area.

We look at every potential repair and balance the money available with the urgency of the problem. We give priority to repairs on major and feeder routes as they impact the most people.


There are guidelines in place that determine when a defect is in need of repair, which are based on the depth and severity of the defect.

If the sharp edge is greater than 25mm on a footway or 40mm on a carriageway then it will be repaired within the timescales below.

Other defects – shopping centres, main roads and feeder roads will be repaired within 28 days. Residential roads and passageways will be repaired within 56 days.

If the defect does not fit within our guidelines then it will not be repaired, however we will continue to monitor it.

Utility companies are allowed to use the road to install services. Any damage that they cause is their responsibility.