Post-16 pupils with special educational needs

1. Overview

Local authorities are responsible for making decisions about the education provision offered to post 16 learners with special educational needs or disabilities including (where appropriate) an Independent Specialist Provider (ISP).

ISPs operate outside of normal mainstream provision so strict eligibility rules apply and funding is limited. At Stockport Council, Services for Young People are able to provide further information, support and advice about the documents needed for an application.

Applications are assessed against the following criteria and for funding to be approved they must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Criteria 1: There is no local mainstream provision that is sufficient in quantity and adequate in quality that can meet the learner's education or training needs
  • Criteria 2: The assessment of the learner's education or training needs demonstrates that an essential element can only be provided in a residential setting
  • Criteria 3: There is evidence that the learner has medical or care needs that cannot be addressed by local providers and that would prevent the learner from accessing education or training that was sufficient in quantity and adequate in quality to meet his or her needs

Please note that funding for an ISP will not be agreed if local mainstream provision can offer a place.

Residential Settings

The majority of placements at ISPs will be day placements. However, for an application for a residential setting to be approved it must meet criteria 2.

Services for Young People are able to provide additional information about eligibility.

Review process

If you are unhappy at the decision regarding funding of a place at an ISP, you will have the opportunity to have the decision reviewed by a panel of senior managers at Stockport Council.

Further information can be found on the next few pages and in the post 16 learners booklet (PDF 3.67Mb)