Post-16 education options

3. Vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications are level 3 qualifications. For example BTECs and CTECs. They offer an alternative to A levels. Universities require most applicants to be qualified to level 3.

Students can learn skills through applied learning by undertaking a technical level, an applied general or a technical baccalaureate qualification.

Technical levels

Technical levels are qualifications for students wishing to specialise in a technical occupation. For example engineering or accounting. They equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to progress to employment or a related higher education course.

Applied general qualifications

Applied general qualifications are recognised as fulfilling entry requirements to a range of Higher Education courses. They enable students to study a broader area. For example business or sport.

Technical baccalaureate qualifications

Technical baccalaureate qualifications are an alternative to A levels for young people aspiring to a technical or vocational career. The qualification comprises an approved technical level qualification, a level 3 mathematics qualification and an extended project.