7. Land quality

Potentially contaminated land can result from past industrial processes which have left substances. These substances may include oils and tars, heavy metals, organic compounds, soluble salts and radioactivity in the ground.

It's important to assess whether a site is contaminated or not before it's developed, particularly when they're former industrial sites.

The Public Protection Service can provide a range of information on:

  • licensed and unlicensed land-fill sites
  • PPC Part A Industrial Processes permitted by The Environment Agency
  • PPC Part A2 and Part B Industrial Processes permitted by this Authority
  • potentially contaminated land highlighted by historical searches
  • private water supplies

Requests for a search of information about a particular site should be made in writing. It should include a scale plan of the site with the boundaries clearly marked.

On receipt of an enquiry the investigating officer will complete a search. They will then produce a report and you will be invoiced accordingly.

View the Stockport Contaminated Land Strategy (PDF 916kb) for more information.

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