Access at the Hat Works

The museum is located on the lower floors of the building you can access it by lift or 2 flights of stairs.

The lift has tactile marking of either braille or raised numbers. It also has audio announcements. The lift doors open to a width of 89 centimetres (cm). The inside of the lift measures 137cm deep and 132cm wide.

The museum has no parking or designated accessible drop off point.

The factory floor has a hard, uneven floor surface. Information throughout the museum is provided through:

  • spoken word
  • tours
  • printed text
  • large scale images
  • silent film footage
  • some films and information activated by a touch screen

All films with spoken word are subtitled. Buttons on the touch screen are large and contrast against the background.

Ear defenders are available for adults and children.

A quiet space is available for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed.

We want everyone to have a good experience when they come to the Hat Works Museum so please get in touch for more information. You can: