Museum closures

With effect from 5pm Wednesday 18 March, all of our museums (Air Raid Shelters, Bramall Hall, Chadkirk Chapel, Hat Works, Staircase House, Stockport Museum and Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery) are closed to the public and schools until further notice. All the museum events and activities taking place between 19 March and 30 May are cancelled.

Planning your visit

7. Access at Bramall Hall

The Park

As Bramall Hall is located in a country park, there are:

  • a number of steps in the park
  • a lot of flat footpaths, however, there are some footpaths that have an uneven and steep surface
  • a number of woodland trails where the ground is uneven
  • cobbles in the Stable Block courtyard

The Hall

The ground floor of the Hall is fully accessible, however the:

  • first and second floors can only be reached by the staircase
  • floors in the Hall are uneven and there are also a lot of small steps
  • Hall is also quite dark in some places


You can take photos inside the Hall but we ask that you do not use a flash.

Planning - Front of Bramall Hall with gardens