Planning enforcement and breaches

2. Monitoring of development

Monitoring can be extremely resource intensive, however early detection of non-compliance can prevent costly enforcement action at a later date.

Stockport has developed a system whereby building control records are checked on a monthly basis for notification of new starts.

The records are checked to ensure that where work has started, the planning permission has been adhered to in full. This may involve a full inspection of the site in question. This system means that we will check whether:

  • all work is compliant with the approved plans
  • all conditions listed in the decision notice have been discharged
  • any legal obligations (where applicable) have been complied with

A failure to comply with conditions may render the planning permission void and the development subsequently without legal planning permission.

If all conditions haven't been met, the applicants are made aware of this. They are then given a set time to rectify the matter.

Should negotiation at this stage fail to resolve any outstanding issues, the matter is then referred to enforcement. Alternatively, it's referred to the council’s legal department as deemed appropriate.