Planning appeals

If you've submitted plans and we've refused an application, you can appeal against our decision.

You can also appeal if we've failed to make a decision within the statutory period. This is normally 8 weeks from when the application was received.

Currently there are no third party rights of appeal. For example; if a resident wishes to object to the granting of planning permission by the council.

Appeals are made to the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions and they are judged by the Planning Inspectorate on his/her behalf.

Types of appeal


The Planning Inspectorate will consider the appeal based on written evidence submitted to it by the council, the person applying for a reversal of the council's decision and interested third parties. The appointed inspector will also make an inspection of the appeal site and its surroundings.


A discussion of the appeal proposals lead by the appointed inspector. Everyone involved is provided with the opportunity to explain their views. Hearings are conducted in a relaxed and informal environment.


A formal procedure for more complicated and/or controversial appeals. Expert evidence is often presented by witnesses who are cross examined.

Appeal costs awards

The person applying for a reversal of the council's decision, and the council, normally pay their own expenses for the appeal. In the case of a hearing or inquiry, either party can claim part or all the costs from the other.

Useful documents

We have limited copies of 2 documents published by the Planning Inspectorate:

  1. Making your planning appeal
  2. Guide to taking part in planning appeals

You can request copies by emailing or call 0161 474 3617.

The Planning Inspectorate has more detailed information about planning appeals.