Placements for Looked After Children

We're committed to working with local providers to develop a sustainable market of placements for looked after children in Stockport.

We have more than enough residential children's homes in Stockport to provide beds for local children who need residential settings. However, our children's homes are often full as children from outside the Greater Manchester region are placed in Stockport. Our vision is to place more local children who need residential settings in the Stockport area.

Within Stockport and across Greater Manchester, there are not enough foster carers to meet the needs of our children. There is a need for more Independent Foster Agency carers within Stockport, particularly for teenagers, sibling groups and those with disabilities or more complex needs.

More information can be found in the related documents.

You can read the Greater Manchester Children’s and Young People Plan 2019 to 2022 on the GMCA website.

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