Pest control prices

2. Commercial premises

We provide individual treatments or annual contracts tailored to suit your requirements. You can request a quote for an annual contract by emailing

Individual pest control prices for commercial premises (including VAT):

  • rats: £143 (includes 2 free revisits)
  • mice: £143 (includes 2 free revisits)
  • cockroaches: £187 (includes 1 revisit)
  • bedbugs: £407 (includes 1 revisit)
  • fleas: £253 (includes up to 6 bedrooms and 1 revisit)
  • wasps: £121 (includes 1 revisit within 28 days of initial treatment if required)
  • wasps' nest removal after treatment: £33
  • ants: £136 (revisit is an additional £33)
  • squirrels: £165 (includes 2 visits)
  • bird nests: by quotation only, email
  • pest identification: £33
  • other insects upon identification: £132 (revisit is an additional £33)

To arrange a pest control treatment or for a quote for an annual contract, email

Please note: you must pay before any treatment is carried out.

Cancellations and refunds

If you cancel your treatment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you’ll need to pay a £16.50 fee.

If a pest control officer attends but a treatment cannot be carried out, you’ll need to pay a £35 attendance and advice fee. You’ll receive a refund for the price of your treatment, minus the £35 fee.

Treatment for bees

We do not treat for bees in Stockport. Bees play a vital ecological role in the environment. If you do have a problem, we recommend that you seek the advice of a beekeeper by emailing