Personal licence

1. Overview

You require a personal licence in accordance with the Licensing Act if you;

  • sell or supply alcohol
  • supervise the selling or supplying of alcohol

The personal licence is separate from the premises licence. The premises licence authorises the premises to be used for the supply of alcohol and other licensable activities. The licensing of individuals is separate from the licensing of premises. This permits the movement of personal licence holders from one premise to another, allowing greater flexibility.

It ends the current outdated regime where publicans etc. are tied by the licence to the premise where they work.

The Licensing Act 2003 states that if a premises licence includes the sale or supply of alcohol then a designated premises supervisor must be named on the premises licence. They will be responsible for the day to day running of the premises. The designated premises supervisor must be a personal licence holder.

The personal licence relates only to the supply of alcohol under a premises licence. An individual will not require a personal licence for other licensable activities. For example the provision of regulated entertainment or late night refreshments. Alternatively for the supply of alcohol under a club premises certificate.

In the case of Temporary Event Notices, personal licence holders will be able to give 50 Temporary Event Notices each year. Whereas there will be a limit of 5 for non-personal licence holders.