Permits and licences

4. Skip permits

If you wish to place a builder's skip on any part of the highway a licence is required. It is an offence to place a skip on the highway without doing so, which may result in prosecution.

The skip owner is responsible for positioning the skip on the highway so that they do not cause an obstruction.

A licence can be valid for any period between 1 day and 28 days. For longer periods additional applications should be made. Only one skip will be allowed on site at any one time except in exceptional circumstances.

Skips on a road require at least 4 traffic cones on the approach side. During hours of darkness and bad weather road danger lamps must be placed against, or on, each corner of the skip.

If we are called out to make a skip safe, then a charge will be made. Contents of the skip should be covered to prevent dust or spillage on the highway.


Charges associated with the placement of builders’ skips on the public highway within the metropolitan borough of Stockport (started 1 January 2015):

  • Skip Company Registration Fee – £110.00 per annum
  • Skip Permit for Registered Company – £30.00 (28 days)
  • Skip Permit for Unregistered Company – £120.00 (28 days)

Apply for a skip permit (PDF 12Kb)