Permits and licences

2. Scaffolding and hoarding

If you need to place hoardings or scaffolding on the highway around a place of work, you'll need permission. Permission can be obtained from us on completion of an application form with attached drawings.

Charges to erect scaffolding or hoarding:

  • Stockport town centre or a local district centre
    • £139 for the first 7 days
    • followed by £50 for each subsequent 7 days
  • other areas
    • £86 for the first 7 days
    • followed by £44 for each subsequent 7 days

Once permission has been granted the following basic conditions apply:


  • to be a minimum of 2.5m high and to be able to withstand high winds
  • illumination may be required if street lighting is not adequate
  • must have a smooth finish with no protruding parts
  • pedestrian walkways of satisfactory width are to be maintained or provided and regularly inspected by the contractor


  • during the erection or dismantling period, a safe working area at ground level is required to prevent pedestrians gaining access. In the town centre, this work is to be carried out outside normal working hours. That is after 6pm or before 8am or on a Sunday
  • will require illumination unless no part of it is less than 0.45m (18 inches) from a carriageway in a horizontal direction. Also no part of it over a footway is less than 2.4m (8 feet) above the footway
  • pedestrian walkway to be maintained around the scaffold. If this cannot be arranged, it needs to be designed to allow access under and through the scaffold safely. A reasonable free walking width must be maintained to enable people in wheelchairs/prams, etc, to pass the scaffold safely

Fines for hoarding and scaffolding

Contravention of these rules could result in a maximum fine of £5,000 (non-compliance with scaffolding licence), £1,119 plus £2 per day (contravention of Section 172 of the Highways Act) and £223 plus £1 per day (contravention of Section 173 of the Highways Act).

There will be a £69 administration charge for putting up a scaffold or hoarding without a permit.

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How to apply

Before filling in this application you should read the terms and conditions (PDF 32Kb).

Apply for scaffolding and hoarding permits