Permits and licences

8. Play streets

Play streets give communities the opportunity to take control of their own road, once a week. This is to give local children a safe and secure environment to play outdoors in the street near their home.

Our guidance makes setting up a play street as easy as possible but also protects residents to make sure that play streets are implemented properly.

You must send your application at least 8 weeks before the date of the first event to allow time for us to look at it.

As the organiser, you should:

  • tell your neighbours you want to set up a play street and give them our contact details so that they can get in touch with us if they want to
  • fill in the application form and sign the form of indemnity
  • carry out a risk assessment
  • make sure that people at the play street or affected by it are as safe as possible

It's important that you work closely with us so that:

  • public order and people taking parts safety is prioritised
  • you and others stay within the law
  • inconvenience to residents, traffic and those not involved is minimised
  • emergency services and residents can still get in if needed
  • the closure does not stop the bin and recycling people getting to homes or businesses

The guidance takes account of local considerations specific to Stockport but it’s starting point was information provided by Playing Out. This is a Community Interest Company that supports and inspires parents and residents everywhere to help children play out.

You must read our guidance before completing an application form.

Read our guidance and apply for a play street road closure