Permits and licences

6. Advertising boards and trade goods

Trades good permit

Goods can be put for sale in front of your premises if you have permission, which will only be given if there is at least 1.5 metres of clear space for pedestrians to get past

The trade goods licence charges are:

  • over 5 square metres:
    • initial annual licence: £164
    • renewal: £82
  • 5 square metres and under:
    • initial annual licence:£82
    • renewal: £41

Please read the policy guidelines (PDF 257.49Kb) before submitting an application and ensure you meet all its requirements to avoid disappointment.

Download an application form (PDF 128Kb)

Advertising boards permit

Advertising boards have the potential to be an obstruction when they are placed inappropriately.

This is especially true for those with mobility difficulties and the blind and partially sighted. In response to this problem the council has a permit for advertising boards on the highway.

Only one advertising board per business will be allowed. The maximum size of a board allowed is 1200mm high x 800mm wide x 800mm deep.

The advertising boards permit charge is £29 per year.

Please read the policy guidelines (PDF 257.49Kb) before submitting an application.

You can apply online using the form below.

Apply for an advertising boards permit