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Permits and licences

1. Cafe licences

You can only put tables and chairs on the highway with the permission of the council, which will only be given if there is a minimum of 1.5 metres of clear space remaining.

If it is a busy pathway then a greater amount of clear space will be required.

Appropriate barriers and other safety measures will need to be implemented as identified in the terms and conditions.

Please Note: your ability to use the space outside your store may be effected by the terms of your lease and you must check this before you make an application.

In order to reduce conflict the Council requires that all applicants must consult with neighbouring businesses and homes with regard to the placement of café furniture before the application is made and provide written evidence of:

  • List of those consulted
  • The responses to the consultation

If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached between the parties involved then the Council may refuse to issue or revoke a licence for that activity

Licence costs: Over five square metres - Initial annual licence: £355 – Renewal: £145.
Under five square metres – Initial annual licence: £177 – Renewal: £93.

Before filling in this application you should read the highway cafe policy (PDF 212Kb).

Apply for a cafe licence