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2. The Stockport Council Plan

Stockport Council agreed the Council Plan for 2017/18 at the Council's budget meeting on 23rd February 2017.

The 2017/18 Council Plan continues to be aligned with the longer-term vision and shared outcomes set out in the 2015-20 Investing in Stockport Borough Plan.

It incorporates the key principles identified by the Executive, underpinned by an inclusive vision for growth and reform. Key achievements for 2016/17 and priorities for 2017/18 have been highlighted. These have then been aligned with the five shared outcomes from the Borough Plan.

  • people are able to make informed choices and look after themselves
  • people who need support get it
  • Stockport benefits from a thriving economy
  • Stockport is a place people want to live
  • communities in Stockport are safe and resilient

The Council Plan sets out the Council’s commitment to growing Stockport’s local economy, protecting vital local services and ensuring that every resident has the opportunities they deserve. We will continue to listen and respond to local residents, elected members and other stakeholders when developing future plans. This will be with a clear focus on investing in a sustainable future for Stockport and its people.

Whilst the Plan sets out some significant pressures and challenges, we will continue to use our influence to make the most of the major opportunities presented by the devolution of powers and responsibilities to Greater Manchester, and the integration of health and social care services.

Work will also continue to prepare us to be financially self-reliant. Taking the hard decisions now to create the conditions that sustain high quality public services and strong civic leadership in future years.

The information within the high-level Council Plan provides the basis for detailed Portfolio Agreements and resource planning for 2017/18. Portfolio Agreements were published in June 2017. Quarterly Performance and Resource Reports will continue to be published and considered by our Scrutiny Committees. This is to ensure the Council Plan and Medium Term Financial Plan are both on track to deliver these outcomes for the people of Stockport.