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1. Overview

Stockport Council is keen to focus on securing genuine and measurable improvement for people living and working within the borough.

We want to offer the people of Stockport services that compare with the best.

We are working together with public services, local communities and business to deliver our 'Investing in Stockport' programme of growth and reform.

This includes a strong focus on delivering shared outcomes to ensure that:

  • people are able to make informed choices and look after themselves
  • people who need support get it
  • Stockport benefits from a thriving economy
  • Stockport is a place people want to live
  • communities in Stockport are safe and resilient

The Stockport Council Plan is structured around achieving these outcomes. They also provide the basis for the Stockport Partnership’s Borough Plan.

The council’s Performance and Resources framework ensures that the impact of our investments, activities and projects can be measured. Regular Corporate and Portfolio Reports include performance against these outcomes alongside how we are managing our resources.

We will also continue to publish a range of detailed datasets and other information as part of our commitment to transparency. For further information visit the transparency page.