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Penalty notices

1. Overview

Education Penalty Notices are fixed penalty notices aimed at reducing the levels of unauthorised absence from schools.

They are mainly used as a measure to address attendance problems at an early stage before they come entrenched, but they can also be used as a response to unauthorised term time holidays.

Things to know about penalty notices

  • Education Penalty Notices are fixed penalty fines which are issued to parents in relation to unauthorised absences of their children from school
  • The Local Authority, schools or the police can issue them, although in Stockport the council issues penalty notices on behalf of these agencies
  • Education Penalty Notices impose a fixed penalty fine upon each parent
  • The level of the fine is £60 which increases to £120 if unpaid after 21 days.
  • Upon payment a parent’s legal liability in respect of the relevant period of absence is discharged and he or she cannot be prosecuted for the period of non-attendance in question